Bill Thompson began his long and successful publishing career carrying the bag, as a Doubleday book salesman in New Orleans and Memphis.

Moving to the home office as an editor, he read through a number of submissions from a talented guy in Maine, Stephen King, before accepting the one he knew could be a breakout novel...Carrie.

Thompson went on to stints at Everest House, G. P. Putnam, and as editor-in-chief of the now defunct Wynwood Press, where he published a book A Time to Kill, by a then-unknown writer named John Grisham.

Among the authors he has worked with are:

Charles Berlitz, best known for The Bermuda Triangle

Novelist Peter Straub

Elmore Leonard - Thompson edited his first best seller,Glitz

Richard Nixon No More Vietnams

Other notable authors are: Baseball manager Tommy Lasorda, June Carter Cash, Evan Hunter, Mason Williams, Walter Isaacson, Erica Holzer, Mary Higgins Clark, and James Farmer.

Today, Thompson works as an independent editorial consultant in New York, helping novice writers of both fiction and non-fiction shape their material into a finished product. Thompson says:

If a fiction author knows how to tell a story, I can help him nail down what the story is help him flesh it out and give dimension to the characters without losing track of the story. With many manuscripts, I also try to bring a cinematic sense, thinking of how it would play as a movie.

A lot of new writers make the mistake of sending a manuscript to an agent or publisher before it's actually ready. You may have an interesting story line, but it doesn't translate into potential sales until it's wrapped up in a full-size, polished, marketable manuscript. Then you have something to offer.