Charles Brandt: Author of I Heard You Paint Houses: The Biggest Hit in Mob History

"I began learning writing from Bill thirty years ago and continue to follow his instruction today. My success with I Heard You Paint Houses is due in great part to the influence of his instruction over the years. I owe this fine man a great deal."


Kate Wright: Author of Mary and Jacqui: Bombs, Love and Hemingway's Shadow

"Bill is the perfect kind of editor who can be critical, discerning, precise and, most important of all, encouraging. You can trust him to know what needs to be done to get your manuscript in the best possible shape to snag an agent and publisher."


The Rev. Canon John H.Taylor: Author of Patterns of Abuse

"No one knows writing—the arc of a story, the texture of a description, the heartbeat of character—and nobody knows the publishing industry like Bill Thompson. If you have a book in you, he's the one to help you bring it to life."


John Grisham: Author of A Time to Kill

"The man who started it all"


Stephen King: Author of The Shining, Carrie and many others

"My wife read me a telegram [while I was at work]. Bill Thompson (who would later go on to discover a Mississippi scribbler named John Grisham) had sent it after trying to call, and discovering the Kings no longer had a phone. 'Congratulations,' it read. 'Carrie officially a Doubleday book. Is $2,500 advance okay? The future lies head. Love, Bill.""


Patrick Lee: Author of Kickers

"I owe you, man!"

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